Magic Bullet PhotoLooks
AeやPr用プラグイン Magic Bullet Looksは動画用 粗同じソフトウェアです。

Magic Bullet PhotoLooks

同名のエフェクトは全て単一で書き出し 同じファイルの引用は有りません 。

元画像 Canon EOS-1D X (600mm, f/5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO640)

☆ Basic
 Cool Warm Contlast
Canon EOS-1D X (600mm, f/5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO640)
Canon EOS-1D X (600mm, f/5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO640)
Canon EOS-1D X (600mm, f/5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO640)
 Vibrant  Shadow Lift  Sharpen
 Basic Black-and White  Basic Black Diffusion  Basic Cool
 Basic Grunge  Basic Warm  Basic White Diffusion
☆ Cinematic
 Action  Indie  Zombies
 Invasion  Flat  Romance
    Canon EOS-1D X (600mm, f/5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO640)
 Neo  Blockbuster  Epic
 Miami  Warm and Fuzzy  Mexicali
 Bronze  Curahee  Bistrocity
 Buffalo  Ohio  Ultimatum
☆ Diffusion and Light
Basic White Diffusion Basic Black Diffusion Diffusion Max
Gold Flare Halogen Warm Haze
Black Diffusion3 Sultry Tron Telecine Net Warm
Edge Noise Soften Softness Unbloom
☆ Monochromatic
 Black and White  Black and White Crunch  Auto Art
 Graphic Novel  Red Solo  Warm Isolation
 Brue Chrome  Gold Process  Platinum Process
 Sepia Sepia Big Grain Brilliant Orange Crush
☆ Stylized
 Barrel Correction  Fisheye  Pincushion
 Basic Grunge  Street Light Day of Night
 Swing Tilt Film  Star Filter Tight Blue Sky
 Artstic  Warm Spot Focus  Benumbed
 Multi Grad Cool  Grad Sunset  Grad Deep Blue
☆ People
 Berlin Smooth  Movie Star  Beauty Shot
 Skin Smoother  Interview  Investigative
☆ Classic Music Videos
 Berlin  Coolish  Coolish Altemate
 Punchy  Sharp  Shaper
 Dream Look  Dream Look Sharp  Dream Look Altemate
Pop Star  Green Pearl  Night Time
 Aged  Big Country  Warm Bird
 Infusion  Infusion Subtle  Blue Bleach
☆ Classic Popular TV
 Crime Scene  Crime Scene Altemate  New Noir
 Indecision  Tension  Hot and Cold
 Tropico Wash  GlamourGold  Sunny Delite
    Sunny Delite
☆ Classic Stock Emulation
Bleach Bypass  Bleach Bypass Warm  Bleach Bypass Cool
 Bleach Bypass  Bleach Bypass Warm Bleach Bypass Cool
BW Film Stoc Grainy  Subtle Film  Subtle Film Soft
 BW Film Stoc Grainy  Subtle Film Subtle Film Soft
Warm Stock  Mishandled Negative Redscale
 Warm Stock  Mishandled Negative  Redscale
Color Reversal  Color Reversal Old Style  No 85
 Color Reversal  Color Reversal Old Style No 85
☆ Music Videos
 Berlin Big Contry Dream Look
 Berlin  Big Contry Dream Look
 Green Pearl  Infusion  Night Time
 Green Pearl  Infusion Night Time
 ☆ Popular Film
 Bistrocity Blockbuster Buffalo
 Bistrocity  Blockbuster Buffalo
 Epic  Mexicali Miami
 Epic  Mexicali Miami

動画用 Magic Bullet Looks

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